Gorden Wagener on the F 015 Luxury in Motion Concept

What are the core design elements that make the new research vehicle from Mercedes-Benz unmistakable?

“With our design idiom of sensuous clarity we have created unique progressive aesthetics. In addition to the complete integration of the ‘Space Flow’ profile, it is above all the unusual proportions that make the F 015 Luxury in Motion immediately unmistakable. The front-end design also leaves not the shadow of a doubt that this is an entirely new kind of vehicle. All lighting functions are combined within a dominant Mercedes radiator grille contour. This gives us the opportunity to widen the grille as a trademark across the entire front, and thus to design it prominently as a stand-alone styling element. What’s more: it makes it usable as a digital display at the same time.”

Mercedes-Benz F 015 Luxury in Motion

What functions did you have in mind for the LED communications field?

“It has two primary functions. Firstly, the three-dimensional LED fields provide different lighting functions; and secondly, the intelligent vehicle uses them to communicate and interact with the outside world. For example, they show whether the vehicle is currently in blue — autonomous– driving mode or white — manual — driving mode; or when a pedestrian has been registered on the edge of the road. The large LED module at the rear offers the same communication capability for traffic following the vehicle.”


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