Gorden Wagener on the F 015 Luxury in Motion Concept

On the outside, the F 015 Luxury in Motion comes across as a monolithic object. Why did the design team give it this character?

“We were able to create the monolithic appearance of the exterior — as if hewn from a single piece — in particular through doing without conventional windscreen and window design. The flush-fitting side windows have an almost mirror-like appearance thanks to their extremely finely-patterned surface. As they are close in color to the cool, technical appearance of the alubeam paint finish of the body, the transition from the windows to the bodywork is almost imperceptible. In addition, there are neither exterior mirrors nor visible A-, B- or C-pillars to interfere with the overall impression of a sensual, object-like sculpture. Likewise, the door system is barely perceptible thanks to its fine lines. The vehicle epitomizes a total reduction in an especially emotional way.”

Mercedes-Benz F 015 Luxury in Motion

How does the design idiom of the exterior differ from that of the interior, and where do they converge?

“The core concept in our design philosophy — namely the fusing of sensuousness with clarity — can be clearly seen in both the exterior and the interior. Where the exterior was concerned, we wanted primarily to create a futuristic appearance that unambiguously and unmistakably represented the visionary character of the F 015 Luxury in Motion. This is done with flowing lines that stand in contrast to the monolithic vehicle body. In the interior, we focused on comfort, an extraordinary sense of space, and the luxurious lounge character. The displays allowing non-stop, all-round information and interaction link the analog and digital worlds together. The lounge chairs, through the contrasting white soft leather and highly polished aluminum materials used, convey this fusion of sensuality with clarity in a particularly striking way. And the innovative door system, with its wide-opening doors that open out the other way to conventional doors provides the link between exterior and interior in a very concrete way.”

What is your favorite detail?

“The vehicle has so many highlights that it is a difficult question to answer. I believe that in the F 015 Luxury in Motion we have created the perfect symbiosis of the virtual and the real world and have packed the most intelligent solution in a highly aesthetic design. With this vehicle we have defined the luxury of the future.”


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