Ingenieur Automatic ‘AMG GT’ Edition Watch

At this year’s Goodwood Members’ Meeting, IWC Schaffhausen and Mercedes-AMG marked ten years of their partnership by presenting an innovative new watch and a spectacular race. The Swiss luxury watch manufacturer showcased the new ‘AMG GT’ edition of the Ingenieur Automatic – the world’s first watch to feature a case made of pure boron carbide. The name and design of the 25 limited-edition timepieces pay tribute to the new Mercedes-AMG GT sports car.

In another anniversary highlight at this famous old club race at Goodwood, the two brands pitted three outstanding high-performance vehicles against each other: the first AMG race car (the 1971 ‘Legend of Spa’), the new Mercedes-AMG GT sports car and a Mercedes F1 W04.

Innovative engineering, detailed craftsmanship and purism unite IWC Schaffhausen and Mercedes-AMG. These parallels are expressed in the new ‘AMG GT’ edition of the Ingenieur Automatic. In an industry first, the multipiece case of the watch is made from high-tech ceramic boron carbide, one of the hardest and most scratch-resistant materials known to man.

The design of its namesake, the AMG GT, has inspired the watch design. Its black is accented with yellow design features in a nod to the exclusive AMG color shade ‘solarbeam’. The rubber strap has yellow lock stitch seams and a black inlay of innovative DINAMICA microfiber, as found on the steering wheel, seat upholstery and roof lining of the new Mercedes-AMG GT.

High-profile drivers took to the Goodwood circuit in three AMG sports cars for an extraordinary ‘race against the clock’. Former German racing driver Jochen Mass drove the legendary AMG 300 SEL 6.8, which caused a sensation when it came second in the Spa 24-hour race in 1971. His Austrian colleague Karl Wendlinger was behind the wheel of the Mercedes-AMG GT, while current WEC World Champion and former F1 driver Anthony Davidson steered the Formula 1 racer around the track. The spectacular race saw all three cross the finish line at the same time.


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