Maeva Ribas’ Porsche Ombak Project at Art Center

The Porsche Ombak, Maeva Ribas final degree show project at Art Center College of Design, showcased a vision for a six-passenger sport-utility vehicle for the Stuttgart-based company.

Developed specifically with the Chinese market in mind, the full-size luxury SUV is a direct competitor to the Mercedes-Benz GLS and Cadillac Escalade ESV, though it has more of a Porsche-type character and execution. At 5365mm in overall length, it is slightly longer than the GLS benchmark, has a larger wheelbase (3238mm) and is shorter in overall height (1795mm).

The car is an electric model with floor-mounted batteries providing power to all four wheels via in-hub electric motors. This frees up space in the interior, which is occupied by three rows of seats. The third row passenger sits atop the rear axle, behind the second row captain chairs and front passengers.

Inspired by the iconic Porsche 917 racecar and ‘legerete opulente’ fashion garments, Ribas employed some of Porsche’s signature elements into the design of the Ombak — in the front face, headlamp and bodyside surface treatment, and full-width rear lamp cluster. The color and material division at the rear – derived from the 917 – was employed to graphically break up the vehicle and detract visual weight.

The car’s target customer is a man named TJ Ren. He’s in his late 30’s, is married with two children and lives in suburban Shanghai. As a real estate business owner of high net worth, he typically uses his vehicle for business ventures with clients, but he also enjoys outdoor activities and sports such as golfing and biking.

Watch the video above to hear designer Maeva Ribas describe her intent with the Porsche Ombak project in her own words, and to see a few more shots of her final scale model on the Art Center show floor.


Photo and sketch gallery below.


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