Marcos Mantis XP 2043 Reinvents Historic Brand for the Future

Coventry University graduate Peter Boardman created his final thesis proposal to envision the future of the Marcos brand. It’s called the Marcos Mantis XP 2043.

The storyline stems from the idea that Marcos would return to the most challenging race known to man, the 24 hours of LeMans, to celebrate the anniversary of the 1968 Mantis XP.

In this future scenario, and as the world around us has rapidly changed, the race finds itself lacking innovation… Feeling the pressure, the ACO shake up the rules. The Mantis XP 2043 steps forward to pioneer new technology and a revolutionary wave of motorsport design.

Boardman’s project aims to show what endurance racing could be like in 25 years’ time and how it will adapt to new technologies like autonomy and electrification. Throughout the project, he consulted with Marcos themselves, various aerodynamics and engineering experts, and triple LeMans winner Darren Turner to achieve a well-rounded and complete concept.

As well as conducting critical wind tunnel testing early on, Boardman says he learned that by racing autonomously with a low profile cockpit for various stints of the race, the vehicle can save vast quantities of energy. As such, the concept also showcases a low drag mode for higher speeds down the Mulsanne straight.

“It is the perfect advert for adaptive aerodynamics within motorsport racing,” says Boardman.


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