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Meet the Designers: Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe Concept

Exterior chief designer Robert Lesnik and interior designer Hans-Peter Wunderlich on the S-Class Coupe Concept’s design.

The S-Class Coupe is one of the best looking Mercedes-Benz cars to grace a motor show floor since Gorden Wagener took the helm as design director.

As we found out from exterior chief designer Robert Lesnik, the large coupe informs all future Mercedes coupes with a refined surface language that ushers in a new simpler aesthetic than what we’ve been used to seeing from Mercedes lately. The front end, with its forward arching grille, also previews the look of the forthcoming CL replacement, while the horizontally stretched rear lamps, which aim to emphasize the width and stance of the car, also pay homage to the classic 300SL and the high-performance SLS. These, in particular, inform the future design direction for all future Mercedes-Benz coupes.

The beautifully elegant interior, devised by Hans-Peter Wunderlich at Mercedes’ advanced design studio — under the direction of Daimler’s head of interior design Hartmut Sinkwitz — is also a return to simplicity. The layering theme we’ve seen as a recurring trend amongst many carmaker’s concept and production cars is also present here, but the big news is the massive digital IP, which essentially combines two iPads to create a large screen to convey information to the driver and front seat passenger.

Watch the designers explain the intricate details of the concept in our exclusive video interview above.


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