Mini Design Director Anders Warming on the Vision Next 100 Concept

From the brand’s humble beginnings in the late 1950s, Minis have always been fun to drive. Compact and spirited, the brand’s products are like an extension of your own limbs, an invitation to get out and drive.

The somewhat diminutive size of the vehicles (save for a few recent additions) also makes Mini vehicles ideally suited to the urban rat race — with their compact footprint they can be easily parked. But what will the Mini of the future look like?

As part of parent company BMW Group’s ongoing 100th anniversary celebrations, Mini has offered up its own Vision Next 100, which, unlike the recently revealed autonomous Rolls-Royce EX103 concept, actually involves driving. The only real change is that it won’t be individually owned.

Watch the video above to hear Mini Design Director Anders Warming share his thoughts on the Vision Next 100 Concept.


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