Range Rover Luxoire by Nav Singh Rai

Range Rover Luxoire Brings British Brand To Sea

Are carmakers still car makers? That’s the question Nav Singh Rai asked himself when developing the Range Rover Luxoire, a 22m-long luxury yacht conceived for the British brand.

“When customers perceive a brand, it’s all about the experience, be it from the color schemes, the communication design, or even the physical experience of going to a showroom to feel the quality of the materials and see the sculpted contours hit the light,” says Rai. “Products aren’t just products… They are pieces of art.”

Rai didn’t want the Luxoire to be a direct throwback to the past as it doesn’t owe anything to Range Rovers of the past, it only owes to the design cues that make each Range Rover a Range Rover. This consists of lines that cross the sloping roof, the shoulder line and the bottom line. This is known internally as the ‘three-line rule’.

“My biggest inspiration was the Oloid, a mathematically perfect piece of solid sculpture,” Rai says. “I wanted the Range Rover Luxoire to look as if it was milled from one solid piece of steel without losing those ever-so-crucial Range Rover proportions.”

Rai’s research found that buyers of superluxury products buy-in to a certain lifestyle and they want to live it completely, regardless of cost. Just as the Sport, Evoque and Velar attest to the many different sizes and styles available within the Range Rover brand, the Luxoire concept is part of this new lifestyle culture: the ultimate Range Rover designed for the sea.

User Experience was crucial in the development of the Range Rover Luxoire’s interior. Semi-digital OLED screens were used throughout the first and second deck walls to show customers where they are cruising but also present the opportunity to view any scene they desire. For the seamless experience, AI in touch, voice, eye, gesture and mood factors help the Luxoire customer reach information instantly.

“From my experience as a child brought up in Range Rover, [the brand’s] interiors are about that huge panoramic view,” says Rai. “I made sure that the horizontal, cosseting shapes in material and surface design did not compromise the interior DNA that makes a Range Rover interior.”

Rai attests that brands such as Range Rover are much more than just mobility providers. “It’s a culture,” he says. “It’s all about the feeling; the emotion and the brand values that tugs at our hearts and minds.” And that’s what the Luxoire concept is.

See more of the Range Rover Luxoire concept here.


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