Seadro Rigid Wing Hydrofoil Concept

Mark Hopper’s Seadro project was inspired by the Rigid Wing sailing boat, which has experienced market growth since the America’s Cup and the advancement of hydrofoil clippers within the competitive small sailing market.

“So far, this potential remains untapped,” says Hopper, who decided to create a 40 meter-long, rigid wing, mono-hulled hydrofoil with an interior designed around modular principles for a multitude of possible configurations. Seadro concept by Mark Hopper

Hopper developed a sleek design with an exterior design comprised of flowing lines running from the bow to transom, creating a very streamlined superstructure.

The interior is a semi-custom bespoke design with interchangeable components. Using standard aircraft railing and a custom designed wall panel system, refitting time/cost are kept to a minimum, opening the concept up to a bigger charter market.

“I wanted a mid-century theme with a Scandinavian influence,” says Hopper. He therefore chose to employ dark colored walls, Scandinavian-influenced furniture design and classic mid-century modern wooden cabinets.


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