The Products: IAA Commercial Vehicle Show 2014

Hyundai Xcient P520
Hyundai Xcient P520
This was an important show for the Korean company that has been steadily pushing its commercial vehicle offerings. First shown at the Seoul auto show last year, the Xcient P520 has an impressive presence in terms of proportions and a well-resolved surface language paired with car-like detailing. Unfortunately it lacks original character and the interior’s fit and finish is woefully sub-par when compared to rival trucks from the European OEMs.


Solaris Urbino
Solaris Urbino (2014)
The asymmetric front end has been a strong identifier for Polish bus brand Solaris, and the Urbino continues this characterful theme with subtlety and elegance. The new visual design is expressive of the step change in technology. The rounded lines of the previous models are superseded by a sharper, more dynamic design, which was showcased on a 12-meter standard bus and 18-meter articulated version.

The Solaris Urbino’s front graphic is very unique and distinctive and can be easily recognized from a kilometer’s distance. It has an interesting symmetric rear with floating feel to the panels. But it is the side view that’s the best of all — it looks very refreshing, even sports car-like.

As a growing trend in the interiors, all the seats are getting more sculpture and are being mounted on cantilever beams. This makes the interiors look roomier and increases the carpeted standing area.

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