Trends: IAA Commercial Vehicle Show 2014

One of the biggest trends of the 2014 IAA Commercial Vehicle Show in Hannover this year was illustrated through the OEM manufacturers showing multiple variants of their vehicles, each catering to an array of applications.

Every single fitment and accessory was well designed for purpose. Volkswagen even went as far as to have the German Polizei explain how they use their vehicles, highlighting the usage of special fitments in their VW Transporter.

The overall color palette also looked much brighter and expressive than in years past. This probably signifies that Europe is anticipating a brighter future and leaving the recession behind. The most commonly used colors on exteriors were different shades of red, blue and orange. Greens and blues also made it to the bus interiors. The common trend in seat fabric patterns was suit-like material and flowing patterns.

The focus on green technology was very apparent, as seen through manufacturers boasting about greener drivetrains and aerodynamic kits on trucks and vans. Even the props put up near the more efficient vehicles were loud and clear.

MAN demonstrated their intelligent use of materials to make public seats. Materials such as signboards, concrete bricks and suitcases were put together in a clever way to offer themselves up as seats for tired show visitors.

The overall exhibition design has gone up several notches and theme based props were well executed. We’re looking forward to the next biennial show in 2016.

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