What The Mini Clubman Teaches Us About Instinct

The Mini Clubman recently unveiled at the Frankfurt motor show is one of the finest Minis of recent times. It retains the quirky rear ‘barn doors’ of its original 1957 namesake, features the host personalization options the brand has been known for, and also adds aspects of practicality that are more in tune with the C-segment cars with which it now competes. I really like it.


Whether or not buyers will feel as I do about the new Clubman when it goes on sale at the end of the month remains to be seen, but in the run up to the October 31st release date Mini’s marketing department isn’t taking any risks. The brand’s launched a great micro site to get prospective customers to sign up for a test drive and is actively drawing attention to the new model via a number of well placed advertising slots.

Those promotional avenues in themselves are nothing new. But what is interesting is the way the brand has teamed up with some leading directors to develop some very cool short films, part of an initiative the company has developed to embed creative culture and human instinct into an ad campaign, presumably to attract creative free-thinkers into purchasing a product that embodies their values.

The short film that particularly struck me was directed by Matt Black and is entitled “Materialized Instincts” — you can watch it above. The short takes a look into the work and creative process of French architecture collective Ciguë and many of the narrator’s statements resound.

“It’s easier to create new things if you get inspired by other fields,” he says. “If you want to create a table you shouldn’t look at tables. You should look in a completely other direction: look at insects, plants, paintings, movies; their structures, their impressions or anything that talks to you.”

That’s great advice. Perhaps it’s something to consider for your next car or vehicle design project?


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