Nike Human Powered Hybrid Vehicle by Art Center Grad Carlos Alfaro

Art Center College of Design graduate Carlos Alfaro used his thesis project to showcase his interest in both automotive and footwear design.

“I wanted to create a sporty one-person car that the user could take advantage of while in autonomous mode,” says Alfaro. “The advantage for the user would be to get a full workout in all the areas of the body while commuting.”

The kinetic energy used while exercising would also store regenerative power into the electric battery when the vehicle is in normal drive mode.

Inspiration came from The Flintstones family car and Nike’s vibrant colored, lightweight running shoes. The user can opt to use various exercise modes such as rowing, cycling and weightlifting that can be enabled in the single seat cabin. Users would track down their progress using Nike’s existing ‘Fuel’ program.

“I wanted to convey lightness and sportiness by incorporating innovative materials like nylon, mesh, spandex and carbon fiber used in Nike’s current footwear,” says Alfaro. “The buyer can easily customize their vehicle through a website and choose their workout preferences.”

The end result is a sports car that would promote the user’s health and help them live a prosperous lifestyle.


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