Auto®-Local Motors Futu®Vision GT Design Challenge

Local Motors is hosting the Futu®Vision GT Concept design challenge in collaboration with the seventh annual Auto® design conference taking place in Zagreb, Croatia, May 8-10. The design challenge, currently accepting entries from designers worldwide, is a competition to design a new concept car for Sony Polyphony’s Gran Turismo 6 racing game.

To celebrate the 15th anniversary of Gran Turismo and the launch of Gran Turismo6, game creator Kazunori Yamauchi asked automakers to design their own rendition of a Gran Turismo vehicle, which was met with open arms. Studios around the world held internal competitions to develop designs and automakers capitalized on these projects to show future design directions, preview upcoming vehicles, or challenge the status quo of what a GT car is. The concepts created were then made available to gamers to download and drive within the game.

From that premise, Local Motors decided to create its own Vision GT Concept for Gran Turismo and asked its global community of designers, enthusiasts and engineers to embark on a challenge to devise a co-created concept. The idea quickly became the most highly voted and popular idea on the Local Motors website and, after nearly 80 up votes and close to 200 posts, it was time to take the idea to the next level.

The Vision GT Concept design brief calls for entrants to submit their own vision of a Local Motors Vision Gran Turismo concept. The design must be able to seat four passengers and utilize direct digital manufacturing (3D printing, milling and waterjetting) techniques to be produced. The Vision GT Concept project will require graphic design, 3D modeling, layout design, animation, infographics, fashion design, etc. The goal is to make this a truly co-created design.

This design challenge is the beginning of what will become the Local Motors Vision GT Concept project. The submitted design concepts will be reviewed by a panel of world renowned design experts — including Patrick le Quément, Peter Stevens, Fabio Filippini, Chris Longmore, and Tom Tjaarda — at the Auto® Design Conference on May 8-10th.

The critiques from this panel will be shared with the Local Motors community to help further develop concepts, eventually narrowing down designs to the top entries, which will move into a project development phase where the winning designs will be further developed into a digital model of the car. This model and project will then be presented to the creators of the Gran Turismo racing game along with the full story of how the vehicle came to be.

To find out more and to enter the Futu®Vision Concept Blast design competition visit the Local Motors website

And see below for a gallery of last year’s Futu®Vision Underground Design Challenge finalist entries, along with Sebastiano Di Grazia‘s winning submission, the EarthWorm ROTUAV (Rapid Operational Terraforming Underground Agitation Vehicle).


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