Bentley Designers on the New Bentayga SUV

I first cast eyes on the new Bentley Bentayga at an exclusive event for prospective customers last month; no cameras were allowed and it was securely sealed off from the public’s prying eyes. I’d been invited by Sangyup Lee, Bentley’s exterior design director, for a sneak peek at what is one of the luxury sporting brand’s most hotly anticipated debuts in decades, and I had a good chance to poke around the new vehicle, touch and feel its exterior and interior design elements and pore over its many impressive details.

While the initial response to the Bentayga’s unveiling yesterday hasn’t been universally positive, the wealthy customers on hand at the event I attended were extremely enthusiastic about the car. As a new product from a brand steeped in rich history and with an incredible array of fine materials and exquisite craftsmanship at the company’s disposal, the Bentayga is without a doubt a standout product. Those willing and able to pony up its expected $250,000 entrance fee won’t pass unnoticed.


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