Bentley Interior Design Director on the EXP10 Speed6 Concept

The Bentley EXP10 Speed6 Concept has won many accolades since making its debut at the 2015 Geneva auto show. As well it should. The concept makes one of the most progressive design statements we’ve seen from Bentley for quite a while, and for a brand steeped in heritage that’s saying a lot. We spoke with interior design director Brett Boydell to get an inside look at how the concept was created.

Developed over a period of 18 months in the run up to Geneva, the project was done in collaboration with Bentley’s advanced studio in Coventry as well as with some internal Volkswagen Group designers, who contributed sketches and ideas. Some even came over to Coventry to follow the project through. The basic idea was to convey a sense of lightness whilst also showing how the brand could effectively evolve its use of materials and integrate forward-looking technologies.

According to Boydell, Bentley’s new design director Stefan Sielaff was a critical component in the creation of the interior, contributing design ideas through his former team in VW’s Potsdam studio. Aaron Post of the Potsdam studio did the key sketch.

Jonathan Punter was lead interior designer, Ben Quaintance worked on the design development and detailing and accessories such as the bespoke luggage in the rear compartment was the work of Quarterre‘s Daniele Ceccomori. Verena Thomas and Cathy Bass of the color and materials team were tasked with translating Bentley’s DNA into the two-seater sports car whilst remaining true to Bentley core values.

We’ve previously published a video on the EXP10 Speed6 Concept with exterior and advanced design director Sangyup Lee, who has since left the company to embark on a new challenge with Hyundai Motor in Korea.

Bentley’s Brett Boydell, however, is still leading the team in Crewe and carrying the blazing torch that will influence future products. Here’s our exclusive video interview with Mr Boydell.

↑ Exclusive video interview with Bentley interior design director Brett Boydell ↑

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