CCS Transportation Design Students Gaze Toward Future

The College of Creative studies held its annual reception and exhibition recently, showcasing the works created by students enrolled on the university’s Transportation Design course.

With the transportation industry on the verge of what will likely be the single largest shift seen in its 120-year history, there is a lot of work going in to the exploration of future vehicle design. User expectations currently driving these changes are only set to increase as technology continues to evolve, becoming paramount in the ultimate purchasing decision.

Consumers of the future will inevitably desire vehicles that will interface with their lives by enhancing their productivity and keeping them connected to their cyber networks.

To cater to this future consumer, CCS Transportation Design students have participated in a number of projects over the last year that address these new challenges. The projects below give us a glimpse of what we may expect in the next decade.

Namsuk Lee’s Mercedes-Benz, Honda, Kia and Camaro concepts

Geumwook Lee’s Cadillac and Citroen proposals


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