Lamborghini Doppio (SVOC)

Rami El Ahmadieh sought to create an “everyday Lamborghini” with his Coventry University graduate thesis project.

Called the Doppio Sports Vehicle with Off-road Capabilities (SVOC), the concept is similar to the Italdesign Parkour concept revealed at the 2013 Geneva motor show and revisited with the Audi Nanuk concept unveiled at the Frankfurt motor show (also created at Italdesign).

Aimed at a new market, particularly that of the Middle East, the Lamborghini Doppio is fits in both the SUV and a sports car camps. Its adjustable suspension system allows the driver to enjoy a sporty drive at the coast as well as explore mountainous terrains.

This capability is achieved through an adjustable push-rod strut, which lifts the body volume above the arches creating an SUV stance while the wheel spokes expand to create an edge, facilitating navigation over rough terrain. In sports mode the vehicle sits level with the arches and the wheel spokes contracted to form a smooth surface to enhance roadholding and performance at high speed.

The vehicle is powered by twin gas turbines and four electric motors. A high voltage battery monocoque and two tanks fuelling the turbines allow for faster recharging process.


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