Coventry 2013: Sustainable Future Sports Car

In light of current environmental awareness and sustainability issues, Can (Tracy) Huang contends that the future of the sports car should be re-thought. He therefore devised the Sustainable Future Sports Car for his final thesis at Coventry University’s MA program.

“The aim is to combine the sustainability with performance,” says Huang. “The inspiration of the design came from nature, the future and organic things. The two intersecting character lines on the side have the meaning of combination. Using more transparent areas, natural materials and light colors make the car feel more sustainable.”

Huang’s concept integrates the exterior and interior by having the vehicle’s structural elements blend into the surrounding areas. These structural elements also incorporate the batteries, which are housed within two thin parts of the body. The vehicle can also be customized by 3D printer to suit individual taste.

The top of the vehicle rotates to provide access to the interior, which is accessed from the front of the car. Built exclusively for one person, the interior’s design is driver-oriented with performance front of mind.


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