Trends: This Winter’s Eye Catchers

Satoshi’s Watch

Satoshi Wada watch

CDR associate and independent designer, Satoshi Wada, joins an illustrious cast of car designers who have turned their hands to horology, with this design for Issey Miyake.

The Autonomous Lexus

Lexus Integrated Safety
Google may have been using Priuses for its own self-driving car research, but it seems Toyota’s also been working on the technology on it’s own. At the recent CES in Las Vegas, Toyota unveiled a Lexus that can drive itself. The Japanese carmaker looks set to be joined by Audi as the race to lead in autonomous vehicles begins in earnest.

 by Bertille & Mathieu

VentrU radiatorProduct designers Bertille & Mathieu have recently presented “VentrU” – a cast iron radiator with a hollow center for warming towels and accessories.

High Visibility Pharmacy

Pharmacy graphics by Jose Carlos-Cruz Arquitecto

Jose Carlos Cruz Arquitecto’s pharmacy in Villa Real, Portugal, uses large lighting graphics at night. Illuminating the facade with a bright green cross, the building’s purpose is unmistakable.

This article originally appeared on Car Design Research and was republished with permission. Read more of their insights here


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