Porsche Vision GT 3D model by Alan Derosier and Marcos Beltrao

From Passion Project to 3D Model: Creating the Porsche 908-04

Two years ago I received a message from a group of designers that were creating a modern interpretation of the legendary Porsche 908 LH racecar. They called it the Porsche 908-04. They sent me a few images and a link to their website, and the car looked incredible. It peaked my interest and I published an article about it

As it turns out, I wasn’t the only one that found the concept amazing. The five-strong team of creators – including exterior designer Alan Derosier, exterior modeler Marcos Beltrao, component modeler Martin Peng, interior designer Guillermo Mignot and interior modeler Hasan Umutlu – soon received requests from a number of other websites and magazines and the project was published everywhere.

Porsche 908-04 exterior rendering

Over that time I got to know Alan Derosier. I later wrote a design story on the Chery Tiggo Coupe concept he had a hand in creating and we kept in touch. Now he’s making everyone that follows him on Facebook jealous with posts from his new home in California, where the sun shines as brightly as the car culture. We’re not mad Alan 😉

Before he left China for the West Coast, Alan introduced me to another visual artist: Markus Zwilling. Markus is a filmmaker who creates narratives through storyline and videos at Frankfurt-based New Step Media, and he’d been commissioned to go out and document the story of the Porsche 908-04.

As it turned out, the Porsche 908/04 project coverage was so vast that it had also caught the attention of Porsche, who saw an opportunity to interact with the designers by sharing their story on social media platforms. They had reached out to Alan via email and given them the green light to develop the car they’d until now only had an opportunity to sketch on and see virtually.

Now Porsche was giving them a chance to develop a real scale model of the racecar in 3D.

Watch the video above to hear more about the Porsche 908-04 project, Porsche’s involvement and see the final model.

Porsche 908-04 interior by Guillermo Mignot


Client: Dr. Ing. h.c. Porsche AG
Agency: New Step Media
Director: Markus Zwilling
Camera: Markus Zwilling
Editing: Markus Zwilling
Music: Leon Laguna
Grading: Alexander Hack


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