Ferrari Dino Concept by Art Center Grad Hojeong Kim

Reviving the possibility of a Ferrari without 12-cylinders, Hojeong Kim executed a strong proposal for a resurrected Dino. But this concept is not simply a retro-futuristic stroll down memory lane.

Taking inspiration from the fact that Ferrari announced — as of 2013 — that the company would never build an all-electric car, Kim saw an opportunity: “The Dino [could] come back and be rebranded as an electric performance sub-brand for Ferrari,” says Kim. “This would be repeating history in a modern way. In the 60s Ferraris were V12s and the Dino had a V6. Now Ferrari will have gasoline engines and the Dino electric motors.”

Kim’s proposal is a Dino in name and package only. The vehicle features an aggressive forward-leaning A-pillar and windshield seemingly inspired by some of Ferrari’s vaunted Le Mans racers. His graphic treatments and break-ups are rather tidy and modern as well.


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