Ford’s Interior Designers Talk Mustang

Following on from our earlier article on the exterior design of the new Ford Mustang, we now delve into the new pony car’s interior design with a video featuring its designers.

The new Ford Mustang’s interior follows a certain set of criteria, says interior chief designer Doyle Letson. The four round gauges and double brow theme of the symmetrical instrument panel were elements that the team sought to retain and reinterpret, while the team also worked hard to implement premium materials to heighten its appeal.

The team blended two themes — one evolutionary and the other more revolutionary — to come up with the production design, which was led through to the final stages by interior design manager William Mangan.
Ford Mustang (2015)
“I think we’ve delivered a very performance [oriented], yet very luxurious interior,” says Mangan.

The design team also worked to ensure the information and controls are all readily accessible in the aviation-inspired cockpit. Large, clear instrumentation puts vehicle information right in front of the driver in the larger cabin, which also features improved ergonomics and a higher tactile quality for the switches and knobs.

“We really keyed in on this military-style badging,” interior chief designer Letson says of the nameplates scattered around the cabin. “All of the information is there and it’s pretty straightforward, that was really important for us.”

At the rear, the added width and a new independent rear suspension contribute to improved shoulder and hip room for passengers while the hatchback design also allowed for easier access to the more usefully shaped trunk, which can can accommodate two golf bags.


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