Pierre Leclercq, Citroen Head of Design – Round Trip Ticket

Pierre Leclercq is Citroen’s Head of Design. He’s worked in Italy, California, Germany, China, and Korea before returning to France and joining PSA. Leclercq’s career path is interesting but also unique: he managed to return to a high-level role in Europe after spending four years building several car brands and growing the team ten-fold at Great Wall Motors in China.

In this episode, Pierre Leclercq speaks with Form Trends founder Eric Gallina about his early career working at coachbuilders Zagato and Ghia; designing the first-generation BMW  X5 and X6 at BMW Group DesignworksUSA; leading design for BMW M products; his experience and accomplishments at Great Wall Motors, and how he managed to make the trip back from China (via Kia in Korea) to become Head of Design at Citroen and inform the French brand’s next generation of products.



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