Infiniti Synaptiq Concept Wins LA Design Challenge People’s Choice Award

It’s nice to see good things happen to good people.

When I first laid eyes on Infiniti’s Synaptiq concept created for the 2014 LA Design Challenge I knew it was a worthy contender for the top prize. But while the CARpet concept by Honda‘s Tokyo-based advanced design studio was chosen by the jury, people voting in the competition’s inaugural online poll had a different opinion. They gave the Infiniti the first People’s Choice Award.

The 11th annual LA Design Challenge tasked entrants with devising a human:transit interface for the year 2029, answering the theme of ‘Sensing the Future: How Will Cars Interact With Us In 2029?’

Infiniti designers looked toward a future in which augmented reality, 3D holograms and wearable technologies would be a part of the everyday driving experience, and created a seamless interaction between man and machine.

The design team imagined a vehicle triathlon scenario called the A.R.C. race (which includes air, rally and circuit competitions) to demonstrate how these futuristic technologies could be used to make driving even more interactive. For each of the three races, the Synaptiq design provides a universal fuselage for the driver to control each of the different air, rally, and circuit vehicles.

Check out the Infiniti Synaptiq in action in the video above, and feast your eyes on the amazing work of the talented design team in the photo gallery below.

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