Lamborghini Lamassu Concept

Alvin Chan imagined the Lamborghini Lamassu shooting brake concept for his final degree show project at Art Center College of Design. Inspired by the fictional lamassu – a winged creature with the body of a lion and the head of a man – the four-passenger concept also drew from Lamborghini’s heritage and modern day cars.

Referencing the 1972 Lamborghini Espada as well as the current Huracan and Aventador in its graphical aesthetic, the Lamassu concept’s exterior design is heavily focused on aerodynamic attributes, with a central tunnel running over the roof of the car to direct airflow and enhance stability, alleviating the need for additional spoilers.

The basic package is comparable to that of the Ferrari FF, with a front mid-engined package allowing a 2+2 seating configuration on board. The hybrid powered, four-wheel-drive concept measures in at 5000mm in overall length, 2000mm wide and 1400mm tall, making it slightly larger than the Ferrari, while its downsized six-cylinder hybrid powerplant effectively halves the FF’s cylinder count – something that’s very much on trend.

Targeting the middle-aged male consumer with a median income of $600,000, Chan used the words sporty, upscale and exclusive to define the vehicle image, with the ultimate intention to appeal to those with an active lifestyle that enjoy driving yet are also keen to take advantage of the benefits of new technologies.

The Lamborghini Lamassu concept takes into account storage and loading options for the active target customer. The rear hatch opens in two parts to allow access to the trunk and the rear seats can be folded down to fit larger items like skis and surfboards. It features two driving modes, one a ‘Cruising’ mode that emphasizes cabin space and the other coined ‘Exciting’ mode, which focuses on driving performance.


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