Mazda Hosts ‘Con-temporary Space’ in Milan

Mazda’s Head of Design, Ikuo Maeda, has a fondness for Milan. Mazda designers spent time living and studying the city when creating the Mazda2 and it’s no coincidence that the company’s Kodo design language was unveiled in the form of the Shinari concept at Villa San Carlo Barromeo.

This year the company took it a step further, opening the ‘Mazda Con-temporary Space’ (MACS) in the heart of the city’s fashion district at the start of the year. Located on via Tortona – between the Hyundai and Mini exhibition spaces – the venue was conceived as a cultural forum to present contemporary art and design in a variety of forms.

Designed specifically for MACS, this exhibition uses 3D and HD video installations as well as painted screens, sculptures, photographs and drawings to take the viewer on a fascinating virtual journey through a metamorphic landscape exploring nanotechnology and other forms of science.

“My desire to delve into and capture these types of dynamic transformation processes has much in common with the Mazda approach, which goes beyond merely designing cars,” says Cunéaz.  “It’s about using the KODO theme to create models where aesthetics and technology are united into an overall design that achieves new levels of harmony and emotion.”


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