Meet the Designers: Nissan Terra concept

We speak to concept car manager Tatsuya Shiosaki about Nissan’s zero-emissions fuel-cell vehicle

The Nissan Terra wasn’t exactly the darling of the 2012 Paris motor show, but the zero-emissions fuel-cell SUV concept did showcase some interesting design elements and could potentially point towards a new design aesthetic that the Japanese automaker will adopt for future SUV generations.

Propelled by in-wheel electric motors, the powertrain layout enables the cabin to have a completely flat floor, enhancing occupant comfort and providing more space. The seating arrangement is also staggered, so occupants in the rear seat can have a better view of the road ahead.

Concept car manager Tatsuya Shiosaki talked us through these and other design elements on the new Terra concept, including its exterior detailing and interior materials. Check out the video above to hear Shiosaki-san explain the concept in more detail.


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