Mercedes-Maybach Vision 6 Concept Breaks Cover

The first images of Mercedes-Maybach’s latest Vision 6 concept car have leaked out online prior to the massive vehicle’s debut in Pebble Beach tomorrow.

The six-meter long concept was created by designers Matthias Schenker, Yongwon Lee and creative director Oliver Samson at Mercedes-Benz’s California-based advanced design studio, which is now under the direction of new vice president of design Stefan Lamm.

At the front, the car’s thin lamp units flank a massive, ornate grille, the centerpiece of the DRG. It is imposing, but well-judged considering the statement the company is seeking to make with this car. A thin chrome strip adorns the front air dam and wraps all the way around the car through the rocker and over the rear diffusor, drawing the visual weight of the car down.

Besides being incredibly long, the concept is extremely well proportioned. Its massive dash-to-axle communicates the power and grace expected of a Maybach product while its soft surfacing and sweeping shoulderline — which dives into the rear of the car — lends elegance and refinement to the profile. The body to glass ratio enabled by the car’s shallow DLO emphasizes the car’s dynamic proportions.

The rear end, meanwhile, is all about width. The slim taillamp unit runs the width of the car, highlighting the car’s technological superiority as well as its planted stance.

Mercedes-Maybach Vision 6 concept

The two-passenger interior is at once minimalistic — with a very simple curved IP blending into the doors — and lavishly appointed, with tufted white leather running from the door panels through the seats and into the center console. The treatment not only enhances the perceived feeling of space and width within the cabin but also alludes to high-end, quality craftsmanship.

The seat back and lower section are separate elements, both lined by a simple blue LED element. The blue colorway is a consistent theme throughout the interior, running around the entire cabin and enveloping the occupants in a soothing technical hue. Other visual references to technology lie within the transparent elements – ahead of the center console and in the steering column.

There are, of course, a multitude of advanced technologies inside the sumptuous cabin. A slim screen lines the entire top half of the IP while two prominent gold-colored digital gauges over the simple white steering wheel display driver information. But that’s just part of it: The Maybach Vision 6 has one of the most advanced head-up displays I’ve ever seen, streaming information across the entire windshield.

I’ll endeavor to bring you more information on the Mercedes-Maybach Vision 6 once it makes its official debut at Pebble Beach this weekend and I’ve had a chance to walk around the car in person. But one thing’s for certain: the car is going to be one of the must-see attractions at this year’s event.


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