NDE Design Director Mat Weaver on the New Nissan Juke

The Nissan Juke caused quite a stir when it was first unveiled nearly a decade ago. Designed by Mat Weaver at the Nissan Design Europe (NDE), the compact SUV was unabashedly design-led and proved immensely popular.

In the Nissan stable, it was only outsold by the venerable Qashqai (another Mat Weaver design). It sent competitors rushing to the drawing boards, clamoring to develop their own B-Segment SUV contender.

The second iteration of the Nissan Juke was again designed at NDE, the Japanese brand’s design studio in London, UK. But this time around, design director Mat Weaver oversaw the creation of the design rather than penning the key sketch.

Weaver told us the brief was to retain the original car’s uniqueness yet give the model a more mature feel. The answer is a more modern vehicle that features an array of personalization options, which allows the new Juke to be configured very differently from customer to customer.

Watch the video above for more insights into the design process of the second generation Nissan Juke.


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