Nissan Unveils 2020 Vision Gran Turismo

Nissan lifted the covers off the 2020 Vision Gran Turismo concept at the Goodwood Festival of Speed today, unveiling a full-size model of the concept the Japanese automaker created for the Gran Turismo 6 racing game.

The 2020 Vision Gran Turismo was the result of a global competition amongst Nissan’s international design studios. Each team was answering a call from the makers of Gran Turismo 6, who have asked different manufacturers present within the game to create visionary cars to celebrate its 15th anniversary.

Ultimately the winning proposal for the the 2+2 seat 2020 Vision Gran Turismo was designed by Michael Rienth at Nissan’s European design center (NDE) in London, UK. “It’s super extreme — super low, super wide,” Reinth says of the design, “But also aerodynamically refined.”

Other members of the team contributed into making the concept a reality, with the car moving directly into the digital phase and projected onto a Powerwall at NDE’s facility. The car also benefited from input from an advanced engineering team based at the company’s Technical Center in Atsugi, Japan.

Based on the Nissan GT-R — with a four-wheel drive chassis and active suspension — the design evokes aspects of Nissan performance models through the ages but present them in a futuristic way. To ensure the car performed as realistically as possible, the designers worked closely with the aerodynamic technicians and engineering teams in Japan.

“This is in line with the Nissan philosophy,” says Koji Nagano, NDE Vice President. “In reality, not everyone would be able to own a car like the 2020 Vision Gran Turismo, but through Gran Turismo anyone can drive it and experience Nissan’s promise of delivering innovation that excites.”

Although visitors to Goodwood Festival of Speed will see a physical interpretation of the car, the first people to ‘drive’ it will be GT6 gamers. The 2020 Vision Gran Turismo, which will be available in ten different colors, will be available to download in July.


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