Volvo Uses Miniatures to Show How It Moves the World and Shapes the Future

As carmakers continue to fall over themselves trying to find the next best way to provide mobility for the next generation of users and consumers, Volvo Group this week revealed a new corporate film highlighting how its been doing just that through its many vehicle lines.

To achieve its vision and showcase the company’s future goals, Volvo turned to model makers in both Sweden and Germany to create a miniature environment, which took more than a decade to build.

Making its debut at the same time as Volvo’s Cars division revealed its S90 Excellence Lounge sculpture — the latest iteration of the concept shown on the XC90 in Shanghai last year — the new film (above) depicts an entire world of miniatures to show how Volvo’s cars, trucks, buses, engines and construction equipment are involved in everyday life.

While the film is similar to the Honda ‘Paper’ advertisement revealed last year, it has a more forward thinking message. It’s a wonderful narrative, complete with Volvo’s message of putting people at the center of every thought, as well as communicating how it is working towards solutions to alleviate some of the environmental impact caused by the manufacturing and use of its products.

As with the Honda ad, the Volvo miniatures campaign is yet another creative way for a brand, inherently focused on providing transportation solutions to the world, tells a story of how it perceives itself in society. It’s a winner in my book.

Check out the ‘making of’ video below for more insight on how the film (and the environment) was created.

Behind the scenes of the Volvo Miniatures film

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