What the Asterion Means for Lamborghini’s Design Language

The Lamborghini Asterion references iconic cars in the brand’s history, but also showcases the softer design aesthetic first seen on the Huracan. Albeit still extreme, it is a stark contrast to the current angular and aggressive form language seen on the Aventador and Veneno. Could this be an emerging trend for the brand? We speak to Filippo Perini to find out.

The Asterion is a softer design than anything in the current range and a stark contrast to existing Lamborghini designs? Why?

“It’s important to remember Lamborghini started like this. Over time the Countach was born and we were running with the DNA of the Countach but we have a lot of different DNA genes inside the company that can be used to produce a different portfolio of products. The Asterion is a try in this way.”


What does this Mean for Lamborghini’s current design language?

“This design language is not something that will change our identity. We will continue to produce really extreme supercars. But our goal is to understand if this design language will be appreciated by a different kind of customer.

“We feel as a company that we have a lot of identity, a lot of DNA also in cars like this. This is an example of pure Italian design. There are many cars that are built around these types of surfaces, with this muscularity, but it’s modern too.

“If you see the front lamps and all of the details are modern, and the interior is very modern. This is the trick: to combine the heritage with the future. This is our goal.

“We are testing feedback from our customers and our dealers to understand if this is a car we can continue to produce or if it has to remain only a concept car.”

See our video on the Lamborghini Asterion exterior design here 


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