In Pictures: Coventry University Transport Design Degree Show 2015

Last night I paid a visit to my old alma mater, Coventry University, to check out the crop of graduating students set to enter the transportation design industry.

Coventry’s degree show is one of many going on at this time of the year, and the number of students enrolled in the program has been steadily growing. The thinking behind the projects and the quality of the models has also risen; a testament to the dedication the students have poured into the work.

This year saw 100-plus Art and Design school students occupy two floors in the university’s Graham Sutherland building. The top floor was dedicated to product design, and in the three hours I was there I didn’t even manage to venture up to have a look.

During my brief visit, I was very surprised to see how the city had evolved since I last ventured there about the same time last year. There are new university buildings everywhere, newly surfaced roads, gardens that appear to have been laid out but the best landscape architects. And it’s far cleaner than I ever remembered.

One thing that I found shocking was that the university has now absorbed Brown’s, the longtime university rendezvous for a pint after class, as well. It’s now called Draper’s, which conjures up images of 1960s New York and advertising execs in my head.

We’ll have a full report on the degree show soon, but here’s a selection of images to whet your appetite in the meantime. And if you want to see more of the works in progress, see our previous story.


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