Audi Airomorph concept

Art Center graduate Eric Kim’s ‘Project Airomorph’ was sponsored by Audi AG and assembled by Design Center California. The concept aims to exploit the fundamentals of catamaran racing for a four-wheeled Le Mans car.

Kim sought to mimic the structure of a catamaran by suspending the body over a solid chassis-like foundation supported by cables, “so the body would have the ability to have a continuous motion to achieve the best driving conditions possible,” he says.

A single sheet of cloth is layered over the concept’s frame, cocooning the driver in the ultra-modern cabin. This ‘skin’ is made of a silver expansion resistant textile, which has the capability to stretch across movable metal wires controlled by modern hydraulics.

Each wheel pod placement features a specialized cable, which is both highly durable and has the ability to increase as well as decrease in size, much like a coiled spring. With the morphing capability of this mechanism, numerous adjustments are possible.

“Having the great opportunity to collaborate with Jenns Mooler in the Aerodynamics/Engineering department, we worked together to create the best possible solution of a blown diffuser that is not only functional but aesthetically pleasing as well,” Kim cites.

The end result speaks for itself.


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