Art Center Transportation Design Spring Show 2014

Ferrari F80 Concept — Adriano Raeli
Ferrari F80 concept model by Adriano Raeli
The F80 Concept aims to bring the most authentic F1 experience and performance to the road without compromising the brand’s class and elegance of form. The vehicle is designed with Formula One architecture in mind with a blend of Ferrari’s LeMans heritage, – See more

Porsche 903 Concept — Tom Harezlak
Porsche 903 concept by Tom Harezlak
Harezlak sought inspiration from the iconic Porsche racing cars in the creation of the 903 concept, a vehicle which serves as an exhibition of ideas and tech that help it achieve its mission: ‘pulling its own weight.’ – See more

Acura Active Energy Experiment (AEX) — Roy Roh
Acura AEX Concept by Roy Roh
The Acura Active Energy Experiment (AEX) was a project undertaken by recent Art Center graduate Roy Roh. Part of a Honda-sponsored term project, the objective was to create a lightweight vehicle for the future generation. – See more


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