Art Center Transportation Design Spring Show 2014

The Art Center College of Design’s Transportation Design Bachelor’s program routinely features strong projects, and the crop this year’s Spring term graduating class was no different. From a series of concepts that could inform the next generation BMW i range to proposals for supersports cars and a thoughtful interior design concept for a Jeep, this year’s class showed that the Pasadena campus is still a breeding ground for innovative ideas in the transportation design sector.

Chris Lee — Future BMW i Range
BMW IQ by Chris Lee
Chris Lee proposed a look into the future of the BMW i range with a five-strong concept thesis. Read more

Daniel Santoso — Jeepster X interior
Jeepster X Interior render by Daniel Santoso
The Jeepster X is Art Center graduate Daniel Santoso’s take on a future vehicle interior that combines the driving experience of a sports car and the commanding capabilities of an off-road vehicle. – See more

Eric Kim — ‘Project Airomorph’
Audi Airomorph concept by Eric Kim
Art Center graduate Eric Kim’s ‘Project Airomorph’ was sponsored by Audi AG and assembled by Design Center California. The concept aims to exploit the fundamentals of catamaran racing for a four-wheeled Le Mans car – See more

Carlos Alfaro — Nike Human Powered Vehicle Concept
Nike Human Powered Hybrid Vehicle concept by Carlos Alfaro
Carlos Alfaro’s Art Center College of Design thesis project was a fusion between his love for automotive and footwear design. – See more


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