Citroen 19_19 Concept Explores Brand’s Future Vision

Citroen is diving headfirst into its centenary celebrations with the unveiling of the 19_19 concept, a vehicle the company is calling its ‘brand manifesto’.

Following the Ami One concept revealed last February, the Citroen 19_19 concept embodies the company’s urban electric mobility ethos and expresses the French brand’s vision of ultra-comfort in the age of service mobility.

Designed by a team led by Head of Advanced Exterior Design, Frédéric Duvernier, and Head of Advanced Interior Design, Jean-Arthur Madelaine-Advenier, the 19_19 concept’s exterior design was executed by Romain Gauvin while Raphaël Le Masson and Jérémy Lebonnois created its interior design.

CMF designers Hélène Veilleux and Aude Renon were responsible for the fine color & trim design, which pays homage to Citroen’s aviation history, and the HMI design was the work of Nicolas Michel and Dominique Liegey.

The Citroen 19_19 concept is an unconventional expression outside traditional automotive cues; a technological aerodynamic object with exceptional proportions and a spectacular, suspended and transparent capsule design inspired by the world of aviation.

The avant-garde vehicle is centered on a cabin designed as a true living room in its architecture and materials, plunging each occupant into a cocoon in which each seat is a unique experience of comfort, a Citroen hallmark. The cabin appears to float above the four wheels, the suspension forming the interface and link between the cabin and the wheels.

Citroen 19_19 concept sketch

Measuring in at 4655mm long, 2240mm wide and 1600mm tall, the Citroen 19_19 concept rides on specially designed 913mm-wide Goodyear tires mounted on 30-inch wheels.

The car’s futuristic stance is emphasized by its proportions: Its four wheels are set far into the corners of the body while its lengthy, 3100mm-long wheelbase accommodates an oversized battery beneath the floor.

The full-electric concept car is said to have a range of 800km (497 miles) and provide a ‘magic carpet ride’, with a suspended cabin equipped with a suspension system consisting of ‘Progressive Hydraulic Cushions’ combined with smart active control.

The 19_19 concept also features autonomous driving technologies and a proactive personal assistant that interacts unprompted with the passengers, bringing each one a whole new experience of car travel.

The Citroen 19_19 concept will be revealed at VivaTech in Paris on May 16, 2019. If you can’t wait until then we’ve got a full set of exterior and interior images as well as sketches and renderings of the concept below.

Citroen 19_19 Concept Exterior

Citroen 19_19 Concept Interior

Citroen 19_19 Concept Sketches and Renderings


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