Degree Show: Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts 2015

Honda S2030 Streamline concept by Li Weijian

The S2030 concept is a 21st century interpretation of the 1930s Streamline design language. Li Weijian reintroduced the classic lines and elegance volumes of the era, merging these with Honda’s DNA, which is focused on efficient technologies and a sporting personality. At 4.6m in overall length and riding on a 2.9m-long wheelbase, the car is massive for its two-passenger intent, but the goal was to create an elegant and streamlined vehicle reminiscent of classic British cars.



Honda ‘Dream to Tibet’ by Hu Jinzhi

Hu Jinzhi took his parents preferences into account to design his Dream to Tibet concept, a vehicle that aims to offer the greatest amount of pleasure on long journeys through various environments and different landscapes. The goal was to design a vehicle that was unique safe, comfortable and easy to handle in various road conditions. The autonomous vehicle is powered by zero emission technology to offer a new level of pleasure for the traveler.



Honda Architect concept by Chen Mingsheng

Chen Mingsheng’s father is an architect who designs large-scale modern buildings. Using his father’s work as inspiration for his project, he sought to design a multi-faceted vehicle that could answer his father’s personal and professional needs. The goal was to create a vehicle with intersecting volumes, faceted surfaces and sharp lines that imply structural strength.



Honda Vento concept by Yu Wengo

Though people grow old, their passion for life remains constant, says designer Yu Wengo. This is his parent’s attitude towards life, and he used it as inspiration to create a Shooting Brake concept. The car’s 1+2+1 package provides space for the entire family. The body’s exterior surfacing is meant to depict powerful driver-oriented vehicle that espouses Honda’s “Power of dream” adage. “All of us have our own dream. For me, I wish my parent could keep this kind of attitude forever,” says Wengo.


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