GAC Moca

GAC Moca Concept Showcases Individualization and Technology

Guangzhou Automobile Group (GAC) unveiled the Moca concept at the Chinese car maker’s home show in Guangzhou last week. The compact vehicle is a modular car — hence the name — with a reconfigurable interior that can be personalized using components purchased in the company’s online store. It also showcases a number of technologies as well as possibilities for new business uses.

The Moca joins GAC’s recent Enpulse concept in being a very interesting study showcasing boldly expressive colorways. But the modularity aspect of the Moca creates an amazing array of individualization potential, which adds a delectable bit of icing on top of the proverbial cake. All of the seats can be specified individually, with different colors, materials and patterns to cater to user taste.

The GAC Moca IP is simple and clear, with an array of informative screens

This concept will be familiar to anyone who saw the Fiat Centoventi concept at the 2019 Geneva auto show. The Centoventi concept also featured a huge number of customization options to guide the user through their life journey, including modular elements within the cabin that could be ordered and fitted at the dealership or remotely while the user went about their daily routine.

Like the Centoventi, the Moca’s IP is minimalistic, yet it includes a lot of embedded technology not present in the Fiat. The high center console includes a cascading vertical screen (very on-trend) and a rotary dial to operate certain vehicle functions, which are then displayed on the screen above it, on the long horizontal screen at the base of the windshield. The steering wheel hub is a docking station for the user’s mobile device.

The GAC Moca concept interior can be reconfigured and personalized to taste

The exterior, meanwhile, takes the cake analogy even further. The layered effect of the roof, glazing and body is extremely simple yet very sophisticated. At the base of the DLO is a series of embedded lighting which encircled the entire vehicle. As all of the pillars are finished in a glossy back, this gives the impression of continuous glass, which gives exudes an expensive, premium feel. This is accentuated by a thin chrome strip, a longstanding element denoting luxury.

The exterior is consists of three tiers, depicting simplicity and a premium feel

Taking the technological aspect even further are the two massive screens on the front and rear. These serve as communication tools for other road users and can be used to show personalized messages as well. This opens up the possibility for external companies to advertise their services and pay the user a placement fee, another aspect previously seen on the Centoventi.

What the exterior screens and LED-lit wheels do, however, is accentuate the all-important technology prowess of the brand and, on the Moca, these are well resolved and integrated. And because the down-road-graphic (DRG) is such an important consideration in China, these screens also exemplify a brand identity for GAC.

The Moca is an interesting concept. Its minimalist exterior aesthetic is certainly appealing in a sea of overly-complicated vehicle designs shown lately, and the interior is also a well-informed push into customers’ desires to have a more personalized user experience while on-board. Along with the recent concept proposals and production cars unveiled by the Chinese carmaker, the Moca also showcases a level of maturity coming from within the company’s design studios. Well done to the team!


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