LA Design Challenge Reveals 2014 Entries

Peterbuilt SIMBIOTUX: Life in Motion
Peterbuilt Motors (USA)
Peterbilt Symbiotux concept - 2014 LA Design Callenge
Peterbilt Motors created the SymbiotUX (pronounced “Symbiotics”), a concept based on the projection that the future of transportation will be dominated by a transformational shift toward vehicles operating together in truly symbiotic relationships that will, in turn, improve efficiency, safety, wellness and travel enjoyment. An important part of this transformation will be the role of “truck driver,” which will grow in stature and esteem (similar to that of an airplane pilot). SymbiotUX is a design concept that explores and illustrates how human-to-machine interfaces will be transformed by this future reality. The road pilot will have greater responsibility; therefore, the spaces and interfaces of a vehicle in “pilot mode” will be purpose-driven to enhance pilot capabilities leading to energy efficiency, reduced accidents, traffic and prevent overall wear and tear.

Design Team:
Victor Garcia, Design; Bruce Lee, Design; David Leetz, Design; Derek Sancer, Design; Phillip Hall, Design; Wesley Slavin, Marketing; Marius Flitar, Engineering; Jan Langelius, Engineering; Alison Cochran, Advanced Electrical; Drew Harbach, Advanced Electrical; Dimitri Medina, Advanced Surfacing

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Qoros Qloud Qubed concept
Qoros Design Shanghai (China)
Qoros Qloud Qubed concept - 2014 LA Design Callenge
Qoros Design Shanghai introduces a digital and physical concept, Q: Qoros Qloud Qubed, where the vehicle will become an intelligent, multi-dimensional personal management assistant. Q learns from the user over time through the five senses: sight, touch, smell, taste and sound. The dynamics of the relationship between Q and the user is modeled on how human relationships develop over time. Q learns the user’s tastes, favorite restaurants, places regularly frequented, music preferences, friends, family, etc. during the ownership period and is designed to maximize safety by identifying when the user is acting irresponsibly and quickly switching to automated driving mode.

Design Team:
Gert Hildebrand, Design Lead; Tim Pilsbury, Design Manager; Jamie Barrett, Exterior Design; Aditya Mahajan, Exterior Design; Alex O’Brien, Interior Design; Xiaoyin Li, Interior Design; Gary Guo, Designer; Yue Zhen, Intern; Rob Ho, Digital Modeler; Sean Pan, Digital Modeler; Yue Zhang, Digital Modeler; Fabio Bisson, Digital Modeler; Pan Lei, Digital Modeler; Alex Segura, Visualization; Martial Fontan, Visualization

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These five competing studios will have their work showcased in the Design Gallery, while Toyota’s CALTY Design Research, Mercedes-Benz Advanced Design Center California, Nissan Design America, Subaru Global Design Team Japan and Volkswagen Group of America Design Center California will also participate by showcasing their latest future-facing concepts in the Design Gallery alongside select student concepts from some of the leading design schools.

“This year’s entries are particularly compelling because they offer insight into what our vehicles are capable of,” said Chuck Pelly, Chief Creative Officer of Intersection, Inc. and Design Challenge founder. “This year is a turning point for connected car technology and it’s fascinating to see how far we could get in the next 15 years.”

The 2014 Design Challenge also features an inaugural ‘People’s Choice Award’, with members of the public encouraged to vote for their favorite design on the LA Auto Show’s Facebook page

The competition winner will be announced at the annual Design LA Open House on Thursday, November 20th.


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