Maserati Hommage Concept by Pforzheim MA Graduate Francesco Gastaldi

The Maserati Hommage is Pforzheim MA graduate Francesco Gastaldi’s future interpretation of a two-seat Granturismo vehicle for the Maserati brand. The car is a combination of high-end technology, performance and comfort. Most importantly though, this vehicle is an expression of passion, emotion and most importantly an homage to Italian design.

“The design of the car is not so much inspired by cars of the past, it is inspired by Italian design and famous Italian personalities like Federico Fellini, Miuccia Prada, Gianni Versace and many more Italians that did things their own way rather than following the rules, thus creating unique objects and having very distinctive visions and statements,” 
says Gastaldi.

The Hommage is a semi-autonomous electrically-powered vehicle, with battery packs in-between the wheels on the outside the car. The motors are situated at the rear together with extra battery packs. Moving the electric motors to the rear of the car enabled Gastaldi to create a modular storage space for luggage under the hood, which is ideal for a grand touring car that travels on longer trips.

Inside the sumptuous, technology-laden cabin, are fully adaptable seats that feature a lounge mode when the car is in autonomous mode. The dashboard projects useful and user-based information and can move outwards to allow more storage in the front. As the car is semi-autonomous, the steering unit inside the cabin can fold away when the passengers don’t wish to drive anymore.

The Maserati Hommage concept is a mix of tradition and future technologies, combining the best of both worlds to create a tailor-made vehicle for the most demanding clients looking for a unique vehicle. The car has been imagined as a printed structure/body, which is hand finished inside and outside by craftsmen. This allows each customer to have a bespoke car suited to his or her own personalized tastes.


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