Mini Cooper Albatross Concept

Jerry Ou designed and built his own bicycle for the show and was one of two students at the Art Center show whose work didn’t feature a single conventional car. The times are changing indeed.

We enjoyed his proposal for a Mini-branded concept scooter he calls the Albatross, which can transform into a pedestrian vehicle (such as a Segway).

“The idea is to create a personal vehicle which can ride on the street and adapt to public transportation at the same time,” says Ou. “When it is in bike mode, the wheels go in-line and it serves as a scooter. The wheelbase and seating position are optimized for high speed stability. When it transforms to pedestrian mode, the scooter will fold into a small footprint vehicle and the seat will move to a comfort-oriented position.”

This concept would be ideal for cities in which public transit is efficient; its design would allow the user to ride the scooter but also take it on a train to continue his or her onward journey at the other end.


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