Porsche Project 31 by Pforzheim MA Graduate Micha Silbereis

Micha Silbereis chose to create a thoroughly futuristic interpretation of a Porsche for his final year MA project at Pforzheim University. Called the Porsche Project 31, the single-seat sports car was presented as a scale model with a virtual reality component, which allowed visitors to walk around the concept and immerse themselves in it. It was one of the highlights of the show.

Porsche Project 31 is a vehicle intended to celebrate the company’s 100th anniversary in 2031. Its clean forms and full surfaces are inspired by the 1949 Type 360 Cisitalia as well as the 1968 909 Bergspyder. While developing the concept, Silbereis also worked in the Porsche studio, where he witnessed the final stages of the Porsche Mission E concept development. This also helped shape the Project 31 design.

With virtual reality now commonplace in OEM design studios, Silbereis’ decision to implement this practice provided a first-hand experience of how 3D technology can help evaluate a design well before massive investment is made and models are developed to full-scale. And as Project 31 was sponsored by Porsche’s design studio, where the model was created with input from Porsche’s design team, the idea to include this contemporary element complete with Oculus goggles made the display very popular.

The Porsche Project 31 reimagines the Stuttgart-based brand for the future while retaining the company’s stalwart driving experience. At the core of the concept’s capabilities is what Silbereis refers to as a ‘fourth dimension’, which enables the user to switch from real experience to a virtual one while traveling at speed.

Silbereis says that the augmented reality experience can help the user develop their driving skill and train them to become a better pilot, whether on a public road or a private track.

Overall the Porsche Project 31 was extremely well-received, complemented by brilliant sketch work and well-conceived boards that gave the impression of a very complete and well-executed project. It’s no surprise that Silberies has been offered a job at Porsche following his superb effort.


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