Subaru’s Fresh Take on the Shooting Brake Concept

Subaru’s ‘Cross Sport Design Concept’ is the Japanese automaker’s take on a vehicle that combines sport and utility, and it doesn’t look anything like a truck. Instead of a high-riding four-wheeler, Subaru has chosen to re-imagine the Shooting Brake concept for the 21st Century.

The three-door automobile can be transformed from a four-passenger car into a spacious and practical multi-purpose hauler by folding the rear seats flat — even the front passenger seat can be folded flat to maximize the length of the loading bay. And if that’s not enough, there’s even a tailgate at the rear. With easy seat access, a comfortable interior and abundant luggage space the concept is what the Japanese company perceives to be the next trend for urban SUVs.

Powered by Subaru’s trademark horizontally opposed four-cylinder engine, the Cross Sport Design concept differs from other models in the range by being rear drive only, keeping weight down to a relatively low 1250kg (2756 lbs). With a compact body measuring 4300mm long, 1815mm wide and 1375mm tall, the concept’s 18-inch wheels straddle a 2620mm-long wheelbase.

The carmaker claims the vehicle is entertaining to drive whilst simultaneously offering a number of comfort and convenience features to enhance practicality on board.


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