Amity 17 Catamaran Tender and Amity 60 Sail Yacht

Felicitas Steinbrecher was another Art Center student who focused on transportation exclusive of cars. She presented an aircraft interior, a pair of yacht designs and a scooter. We quite liked the Amity 17, a 17-meter ‘Catamaran Relaxation Recreation Tender’ whose brand name stands for respect of and communion with our surroundings.

“Our vision is to create high-end vessels that embody the dynamics of the ocean and the experience of harmonious intimacy with the marine environment,” Steinbrecher says of the ficticious company she invented “We aim to take vessels to a new level of recreational experience on the sea.”

The Amity 17 Tender features a unique sheerline which brings the deck to the water and creates a new connection with its environment. The aft deck extends into the water to create a unique
on-board beach experience. The catamaran’s hull offers maximum deck space for optimal comfort and allows for shallow water access.

Steinbrecher also showed the 60 Ketch Sail Yacht, another Amity-branded concept, alonside the smaller tender. Inspired by the subtle motion of the water on the surface of the ocean, the Amity 60’s design is intended to integrate the yacht in to the environment.

Like the Amity 17 Tender the 60-meter Sail Yacht features a unique and characteristic sheerline, which is atypical to a conventional Ketch sail yacht design. The Amity 60 also offers a maximized deck space arrangement to enable users to benefit from the comfort and luxury feel of a motor yacht but with the performance and emotion that can only be a byproduct of sailing.


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