ARCON Gaming Car Concept

In light of the recent gaming cars being unveiled for Gran Turismo 6 and the impending arrival of autonomous vehicles, Korean design student Ju Min Lee decided to combine the two in the creation of his ARCON (Augmented Reality Conductor) gaming car concept.

The exterior design of the three-wheeled vehicle is very futuristic, with a fully glazed single passenger cockpit resembling that of a fighter jet. Inspired by the movements of a cheetah, the concept mimics the form of the predatory animal by adopting a stance that appears ready to pounce.

“I thought the vehicle needed to have a sleek and dynamic appearance in order to meet the desires of drivers who like to drive fast in the city,” says Lee.

The ARCON concept features two modes — ‘driving’ and ‘non-driving’ — which can be selected by the user. When the vehicle is moving slowly or stopped due to heavy traffic, the driver can select the ‘non-driving’ mode, programming the final destination into the vehicle. The user can then sit back and enjoy a virtual racing game on an open road through an augmented reality display until the destination is reached.

You can find more of Lee’s work on his Facebook page and on his YouTube channel, which features sketching tutorials.


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