Daniel Simon on the Toyota Prius


I rarely rant, but this is it. A high volume car like the Prius is part of our world, we see one at every corner. So, plastering our environment with this utter mess is a crime. Low emission traded for visual pollution.

I can’t perceive any intention in volume, lines, proportion, anything. It is striking that designers looked at this for months from every angle in every light and said ‘yeah, now it’s done, let’s build this millions of times’.


For the record, I believe this will sell well but I will not feel proven wrong by the market.

Hybrids sell for other reasons than looks: taxes, incentives like carpool lanes, beliefs, etc. So there is actually less creative pressure and a GREAT chance to create something beautiful.

Sales numbers will NOT prove the design right or good, nor will it prove what people want.

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