Honda Releases 3D Data Of Concept Models

Honda has released 3D data for exterior designs of the company’s past concept models through version 4.0 of Creative Commons licenses, a new set of copyright licensing standards for the Internet age.

With the data downloaded from the Honda 3D Design Archives website, Honda’s concept models can be replicated by a household 3D printer, which is becoming more popular in recent years. By offering data of its concept models, which embody Honda Design’s spirit, Honda offers opportunity to enjoy a simulated experience of the company’s ‘art of manufacturing’.

Honda is currently promoting a new global branding project under which the company’s unique approaches and thoughts toward the art of manufacturing appeal to a wide range of people. Following the release of a Honda brand commercial film titled ‘Super Ultra Daydreams’ (above), which debuted at the start of Honda’s press conference at the Tokyo Motor Show last year, the release of the 3D data through the ‘Honda 3D Design Archives’ will be the second initiative under this project.

Due to the latest technological innovations and the introduction of affordable household 3D printers, the ‘art of manufacturing’ in society is experiencing fundamental change. Against the backdrop of such change, Honda created this project in an effort to identify new ways of communication beyond the conventional framework between a manufacturer and its users.

Honda is hoping to see the emergence of outstanding future automobile designers and engineers from the users who are inspired by this project.


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