Jaguar’s Wayne Burgess on Cars and Design

Most designers are an eclectic bunch of gearheads — why else would you dedicate your life to designing vehicles for a living? Illustrating this point is Wayne Burgess, Jaguar’s head of production design, who can be seen behind the wheel of some strange machinery when he’s not playing guitar for Scattering Ashes, his Friday night rock band indulgence, or in the studio.

Burgess, who works alongside advanced design director Julian Thompson and reports to Jaguar head of design Ian Callum, has had an illustrious career in the automotive design industry. Having graduated from Coventry University with a transportation design degree, he worked on the design of the LTI TX1 London Taxi and UK-based consultancy Omni Design before starting at Jaguar in 1997. Since then he’s had a hand in designing most of the current Jaguar range.

In this video, shot at the recent LA auto show by Jalopnik staffer Jason Torchinsky, Burgess expands his thoughts on car design and shares some prominent examples of the vehicles he’s owned in the past.


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